2018 CICER Summer Program


CICER offers an annual Summer Program in Economics and Business. The goal of the program is to help college students in China gain an in-depth understanding of the most important economic and business challenges facing China, the US and the world, as well as acquiring knowledge of the academic environment, culture and social background of the US.  

The three-week program (2018/07/15~2018/08/04) offers courses by prominent professors in business and economics, workshops on graduate school applications, seminars on the US job market and career choices, and extensive field trips to other Ivy-League universities, prominent think tanks, and international organizations in New York City and Washington DC. Students will have opportunities to interact with professionals in these organizations. 

The program offers:

  • Courses and seminars on economics and business by Cornell professors
  • Academic seminars featuring professors from leading universities and institutions
  • Workshops on graduate school applications and career development
  • Field trips to New York City and Washington DC, as well as interactions with professionals

Summer Program Speakers:

  • Prof Matthew Backus (Columbia)
  • Prof Panle Jia Barwick (Cornell)
  • Prof David Easley (Cornell)
  • Prof Shanjun Li (Cornell)
  • Prof Jura Liaukonyte (Cornell)
  • Prof David Ng (Cornell)
  • Prof Calum Turvey (Cornell)
  • Prof Michael Waldman (Cornell)