The institute helps coordinate the efforts of scholars (faculty and students) across campus and supports research to understand economic growth in China (past, present and future) and its impact on the world economy. Focus areas include rural development, firm activities and industrial dynamics, markets and regulation, financial and real estate markets, international trade, and environmental and energy challenges. Some of current research projects aim to understand: the impacts of industrial policies in China; the dynamics of firm productivity and location choices; the causes, consequences, and policy choices regarding air pollution; the transportation policies and outcomes; and electricity sector restructuring.

Better Lucky Than Rich? Welfare Analysis of Automobile License Allocations in Beijing and Shanghai (note: Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies, Read more)
Shanjun Li

Wheels of Fortune: Subway Expansion and Property Values in Beijing, forthcoming, Journal of Regional Science (Read more)
Shanjun Li, Jun Yang, Ping Qin, Shun Chonabayashi

Demand Effects of Boycotts Related to Country-of-Origin: The Case of the Automobile Market in China (Read more)
Qi Sun, Fang Wu, Shanjun Li, and Rajdeep Grewal

The Price Evolution in China's Automobile Market, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy24(4), 2015 (Read more)
Shanjun Li, Junji Xiao, Yimin Liu