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Special Symposium in Memory of Gregory L. Poe


Gregory Poe, a dedicated professor of applied economics and management at Cornell University, passed away unexpectedly on March 11, 2017. In memory of our valued colleague and friend, a special symposium will be held on Saturday, April 21 at 401 Warren Hall, Cornell University. All are welcome!

The program for the symposium is as follows:

8:45 - 9:15am : Welcome – David Lee, Cornell University
Tribute to Gregory Poe – Kathleen Segerson, University of Connecticut

9:15 - 10:45am : Water Quality and Ecosystem Services (Moderator – Neha Khanna, Binghamton University)

"Dynamic Optimization, Natural Capital, and Ecosystem Services," Jon Conrad, Cornell University

"The Value of Water Quality to Recreational Anglers in Texas," Michael Black and Richard T. Woodward, Texas A&M University

"Income and Ocean Water Quality," Jennifer Duncan and David Keiser, Iowa State University; Ivan Rudik, Cornell University

10:45 - 11:00am : Break

11:00am - 12:30pm : Environmental Policy (Moderator: Shanjun Li, Cornell University)

"NIMBYism (Not?) in Siting Wind Farms," Kevin J. Boyle, Virginia Tech; Jessica A. Boatwright, U.S. Peace Corps; Sreeya Brahma, Virginia Tech; Weibin Xu, United Airlines

"Sustainability and Ecotourism: A Case Study of the United States' First Offshore Wind Farm," Andrew Carr-Harris and Corey Lang, University of Rhode Island

"Re-examining the Relationship between Environmental Regulations and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Model of the U.S. Manufacturing Sector," Jie Deng, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and Christian A. Vossler, University of Tennessee

12:30 - 1:30pm : Lunch

1:30 - 3:00pm : Alternative Approaches in Assessing Water Management and Quality (Moderator: William Schulze, Cornell University)

"Measuring Benefits from Spatially-Explicit Surface Water Quality Improvements: The Roles of Distance, Scale, Scope and Size," Richard Ready, Montana State University

"Social Comparisons and Producer Heterogeneity in a Non-Point Source Water Pollution Setting," Kent Messer, Shang Wu and Leah Palm-Forster, University of Delaware

"A Field Experiment to Estimate the Effects of Anchoring and Framing on Residents’ Willingness to Purchase Water Runoff Management Technologies," Tongzhe Li, University of Windsor; Jacob R. Fooks, Economic Research Service, USDA; Kent D. Messer, University of Delaware; Paul J. Ferraro, Johns Hopkins University

3:00 - 3:15pm : Break

3:15 - 4:45pm : Groundwater and Watershed Management (Moderator: Jon Conrad, Cornell University)

"Property Rights and Groundwater Management in the High Plains Aquifer," Cynthia Lin Lawell, Cornell University

Non-market Values and Optimal Groundwater Management,” Jordan Suter and Dale Manning, Colorado State University

Efficiently Computing the Pareto Frontier: Evaluating Tradeoffs Between Hydropower and Ecosystem Services in the Amazon Basin,” Alexander S. Flecker and Carla P. Gomes, Cornell University

4:45 - 5:00pm : Symposium Synthesis and Closing – William Schulze, Cornell University, David Lee, Cornell University

This symposium is sponsored by the Dyson School, the Food Industry Management Program, Industrial Economics Inc., the Cornell Institute for China Economic Research, and the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

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Special Panel: Sino-Latin American Relations in the Era of Trump

This is a special panel to discuss multilateral relations between the United States, China, and Latin America. The election of Donald Trump in November of 2016 introduced uncertainty into the global community. Included in this uncertainty is the condition of relations with critical partners to the United States, such as Latin America and China, as well as how the Trump Administration's recalcitrant stance towards trade may open the door for deeper ties between Latin American states and China.

Speaking on the panel are three experts who will speak on the current state and future status of investment ties, trade, Taiwan’s status, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Panel Members:

Lourdes Casanova, Academic Director of the Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) at the S.C. Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

He Li, Professor of Political Science, Merrimack College

Benjamin Creutzfeldt, Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute

Location: Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, Klarman Hall


  • Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER)

  • Department of Economics

  • Department of Government

  • Society for the Humanities

  • Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

  • Cornell S.C. Johnson College of Business

  • Emerging Markets Institute

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