Cornell is an intellectual powerhouse on China research. Cornell researchers are working on all facets of the Chinese economy including rural development and industrial growth, financial and real estate markets, consumer demand and market reform, international finance and trade, and environmental and energy challenges.

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Cornell College of Business, Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER) currently has 19 faculty members from seven different departments across four colleges. CICER serves as a hub for Cornell expertise on China’s economy. Through education, research, and policy engagement, the institute contributes to Cornell’s internationalization efforts by bringing Cornell to China and China to Cornell. The institute is being recognized as the go-to-place for expertise on China’s economy both inside and outside Cornell. CICER organizes activities in the following three areas:

  • Research: CICER brings together top researchers from Cornell and around the world to study the most important economic and social issues facing China and their impacts on the global economic system.

  • Policy Engagement: CICER engages in dialogue with policymakers and research communities worldwide to promote evidence-based governance and enhance international collaboration.

  • Education: CICER offers research opportunities for Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, hosts visiting scholars from China, and provides education opportunities for Chinese students and policymakers.